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      Home / About
      Manufacturing a wide range of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry products in Cubic Zirconia, Genuine semi-precious stones like LARIMAR , Turquoise, pink CORAL, created OPAL..... and fresh water PEARLs, and now adding14K white and yellow gold pieces with genuine stones and pearls….

      we offer “Wholesale” prices directly to retailers
      we take “Door-to-door” delivery to the customers

      worldwidely. Besides we also make customized product supplies with vast order quantity in metal but silver or goldplated pieces for our own customer accounts or TV sales. So highly welcome you to visit us to benefit from a jewelry manufacturer.

      About MAYERLIN

      Mayerlin was set up in 1985 and started with the sale of raw material genuine corals(beads, chunks, chips in loose or str. of red, pink, black, Sardinias) to customers mostly in Europe.

      Over 25 years ago we widened our market into the Caribbean territories, USA, Japan... by adding more findings and materials to be finished jewelry merchandises,i.e. business from outsourcing raw stone materials to inhouse production. From the beginning of goldplated Brass pieces with less expensive semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls to Sterling Silver jewelry pieces now, good and consistent quality, competitive prices, satisfactory pre-sale and after-sale service, safest fast delivery have the majority of our customers who have been cooperated with us for more than ten years retain their regular ordrs with us. Owing to most our customers are retailed stores who wish their regular purchases can be with wider options of products. So to keep materials developing, styles designing and prices more competitive will always be our lst task among all.

      It’s easy to buy from us the jewelry pieces for your stores sale, just print out our order form--write down the order quantity you want and then email us back the form. If you have other requirements, please “Contact” us and click “send” inquiry button and our sales executive will reply you soon.

      Jack Hsu
      General Manager
      Mayerlin Co.,Ltd.
      Tel : 886 2 2542-1338
      Fax : 886 2 2523-3710
      Email : mayerlin@ms21.hinet.net